Projects Archive

I recommend that you view all code using an application that supports syntax highlighting.

C++ and Qt

Below is a fairly large project from my CS 383 Software Engineering class. This project demonstrated proficiency in creating a usable piece of software from start to finish.

Goofy Lights Project

University of Idaho Capstone Design

Below is my Capstone Design project for University of Idaho College of Engineering. It is a work in progress, and right now it is about 90% done. It's more of an electrical engineering project than a computer science project, and I find it to be a fun challenge.

Wireless Tower of Lights Project

3D Multi-User Virtual Environment (Java and libGDX)

Below is a class project that I am working on with some other students. We are creating a 3D virtual environment with networking.

Colossal Killers Project

Handwritten Character Recognition (Python)

Below is a project from my Deep Learning class. This project uses a feed-forward neural network in Python to recognize photos of hand-written characters. Current accuracy is 98.16% on the test data set and nearly 100% on the training data set. Future work using convolution neural networks will hopefully yield higher than 99% accuracy on the training data.

Optical Character Recognition Project

Personal Card

I designed a personal card for myself. Until I get my degree(s) it is not particularly useful, but they do come in handy when professionals ask me for my contact information, or when I need to take a note. I had the first batch printed on linen card stock with standard ink.

Personal Card